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We offer expertise in spatial biology and tissue based research.

B Team Sciences

Welcome To B Team Sciences

B Team Sciences is a scientific consulting company that offers expertise in developing spatial biology assays and tissue based research products with a customer-centric design. B Team Sciences was founded in 2022, whose expertise can be hired for assay development for internal studies, and the research, development and commercialization of tools designed for tissue research.

We can also be hired on to train staff on the development of complex assays such as IHC and ISH multiplexing. We have over 15 years of experience researching, developing, and commercializing tools that help advance tissue research.


B Team Sciences offers services that include:

B Team Sciences
B Team Sciences offers expertise in using various on market automated staining platforms.


B Team Sciences can help transition your manual assay over to an automated staining platform. We can also train your staff to fully utilize the platform for your complex assay needs. Training services include IHC and ISH multiplexing and optimization of novel IHC and ISH assays.

Product development consultation services include early customer engagement and identification of minimum product viability.

Data analytic services include construction progress and schedule analysis.


Lean startup is a method used for developing products and businesses. The main aim is to shorten product development cycles and rapidly discover if a proposed business model is viable, which is achieved by adopting a combination of validated learning, iterative product releases, and business-hypothesis-driven experimentation.
B Team Sciences

Validated Learning


Lean startups learn exactly what the customer wants to adapt to the target market’s needs and mainly focus on serving their products.

B Team Sciences

Innovation Accounting


Lean startups maintain detailed records of analysis and tests to understand what works best for their customers.

B Team Sciences



Lean startups work on building the simplest of products that does what it should, which goes through rigorous evaluation, and if it works, they learn from the feedback.

B Team Sciences

Entrepreneurship is management


Lean startups have flexible, learning-oriented management that results in success.

B Team Sciences

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B Team Sciences